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Cecilia Pudge Kleinkauf

Owner of Womens Flyfishing®


Pudge Kleinkauf

The owner of Womens Flyfishing® Pudge Kleinkauf, is Alaskas leading woman fly fishing instructor, fly tier and guide. Renowned for her teaching skills in both fly fishing and fly tying, she offers lodge-based flyfishing schools and small-group guided trips for women and couples to a wide variety of Alaskas best known fly fishing locations. She also leads guided trips for saltwater fly fishing to Mexico each spring. A regular presenter at outdoor shows around the country, Pudge is also one of the Special Explorers for the Alaska Magazine Television Series on PBS. A retired University professor and lawyer, and a 44 year Alaska resident, Pudge is a member and one of the founders of the Intl. Women Fly Fishers. She serves as a Fly Fishing Ambassador for patagonia®, and as a Pro Staff member for Ross Reels, Scientific Angler", Sierra Stream & Mountain, Jim Teeny Inc., Dailchi Hooks, and others. . Pudge & Women's Flyfishing® are a member of the Guides Association of the Federation of Fly Fishers.

Womens Flyfishing®

  • Alaskas premier flyfishing company for women
  • The Internets leading resource for women who fish with a fly rod

In business for 28 years, Womens Flyfishing® provides a safe and supportive environment where women can learn to fly fish with both heavy and light-weight fly rods and put their skills to work on the water. Based in Anchorage, we fish throughout the State for salmon, trout, char, grayling, and pike, and provide fly fishing gear, equipment and flies for all of our trips. We also offer fly tying classes so women can fish and catch with flies that they have actually tied.


Pacific Salmon Flies: New Ties and Old StandbysIn addition to owning and operating Womens Flyfishing® Pudge is the author of four books and a contributing editor for Fish Alaska Magazine. Her first book, Fly Fishing Women Explore Alaska, 2003 Epicenter Press received several awards, and her second book, River Girls: Fly Fishing for Young Women, 2006 Johnson Books, won the first-place gold award in the Benjamin Franklin Awards Sports and Outdoor Recreation Competition. Her third book, Fly Fishing for Alaskas Arctic Grayling: Sailfish of the North, 2009 Frank Amato Publications, is the first and only book ever written on this very special Alaskan sport fish, and has received acclaim in the US, the UK, and Europe. Her recently released book, Pacific Salmon Flies: New Ties & Old Standbys, 2012 Frank Amato Publications, reveals flies of her own design, as well as some salmon fishing classics. The book includes both fly tying and fly fishing techniques for each of the flies, and a chart matching the patterns with each of the five species of Pacific Salmon

River Girls: Fly Fishing for Young Women

"Rivergirls: Fly Fishing
for Young Women"

Sample Flyfishing Presentations for
Fly Fishing Clubs & Fly Shops


  • Flyfishing for Women: Getting Started
  • Flyfishing  Gear & Clothing for Women
  • Some Great Alaskan Fish and Some Great Women Fishing Them


  • Flyfishing for Pacific Salmon in Alaska
  • Alaskas Salmon & the Flies That Take Them
  • Flyfishing Alaskas Wild Country
  • Flyfishing for Alaskas Trout, Char, and Grayling
  • Float Tubing for Alaskas Trout, Char, and Grayling
  • Flyfishing Alaskas Pike with Sub-surface Pike Flies

(We will customize a presentation for your group, your club, or your shop.)

Sample Fly Tying Presentations

  • Tying Tips for Some of Alaskas Great Flies
  • Five Easy Salmon Flies
  • The Three Best Lake Flies for Alaskas Stillwaters
  • Tying With Beads, Cones and Eyeballs
  • Weighted Flies for Sub-surface Pike Fishing

(We will customize a presentation for your group, your club, or your shop.)

Pudge is available as a speaker for presentations for your club or organization.
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